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Oh, please Manie, my mom would have hit my poor head for that.. ;-)

Besides, is the ɫ not the symbol for the slender l that German uses? Ours is kind of in between the velarized broad English one and the German one. I dont know what the best symbol for that is. Just l I think.

And then there is the ʏ. Please see my remark on Bespreking:geluk. I think ɵ is probably better, but it seems that the experts are still debating that.

Saugeiles Wort. Hat mir den Abend gerettet. Lach mich scheckich (^_^).
--Schwallex 21:35, 4 Oktober 2006 (UTC)
Freut mich, that it made your day!! :)) Die niederländer verwenden diese wort auch :))) Lg --Manie 22:08, 4 Oktober 2006 (UTC)