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Dokumentasie vir hierdie module kan geskep word by: Module:lemma/data/doc

local data = {}

data.invariable = {
	"Han tu",

data.lemmas = {
	"byvoeglike naamwoorde",
	"cmavo clusters",
	"combining forms",
	"comparative adjectives",
	"comparative adverbs",
	"diacritical marks",
	"equative adjectives",
	"Han characters",
	"Han tu",
	"numeral symbols",
	"prepositional phrases",
	"pronominal adverbs",
	"proper nouns",
	"punctuation marks",
	"selfstandige naamwoorde",
	"superlative adjectives",
	"superlative adverbs",

data.nonlemmas = {
	"active participles",
	"adjectival participles",
	"adjective comparative forms",
	"adjective feminine forms",
	"adjective equative forms",
	"adjective plural forms",
	"adjective superlative forms",
	"adverb forms",
	"adverb comparative forms",
	"adverb superlative forms",
	"adverbial participles",
	"agent participles",
	"article forms",
	"byvoeglike naamwoordvorme",
	"circumfix forms",
	"combined forms",
	"determiner comparative forms",
	"determiner forms",
	"determiner superlative forms",
	"diminutive nouns",
	"future participles",
	"infinitive forms",
	"interjection forms",
	"kanji readings",
	"negative participles",
	"nominal participles",
	"noun case forms",
	"noun dual forms",
	"noun plural forms",
	"noun possessive forms",
	"noun singulative forms",
	"numeral forms",
	"participle forms",
	"particle forms",
	"passive participles",
	"past active participles",
	"past participles",
	"past participle forms",
	"past passive participles",
	"perfect active participles",
	"perfect participles",
	"perfect passive participles",
	"postposition forms",
	"prefix forms",
	"preposition contractions",
	"preposition forms",
	"prepositional pronouns",
	"present active participles",
	"present participles",
	"present passive participles",
	"pronoun forms",
	"pronoun possessive forms",
	"proper noun forms",
	"proper noun plural forms",
	"selfstandige naamwoordvorme",
	"suffix forms",
	"verb forms",
	"verbal nouns",

data.notranslit = {

-- Script codes for which a script-tagged display title will be added.	
data.toBeTagged = {

for key, list in pairs(data) do
	data[key] = require("Module:utils").list_to_set(list)

return data