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Bot flag requests[wysig]


Hi, I'm carsrac and I live in the netherlands. I have a good feeling for the afrikan language. My bot is called CarsracBot and I like to have a botflag for my bot. The bot uses the pywikipedia software with the -wiktionary option. I have botflags on nl.wiktionary and st.wiktionary. The global bot flag and a lot of botflags on wikipedia. I have asked the flag on es and simple. For more info see my af bot page. Carsrac 02:12, 20 Junie 2009 (UTC)[antwoord]


Thank you.--محمد الجداوي 09:56, 26 Oktober 2011 (UTC)[antwoord]

Done. Bennylin 12:59, 3 November 2011 (UTC)[antwoord]


  • Botmaster: Karol007
  • Bot's name: User:KamikazeBot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionaries: full list (about +78 bot flags)
  • Purpose: interwiki
  • Technical details: pywikipediabot, latest versions

Best regards, Karol007 21:10, 30 November 2011 (UTC)[antwoord]

Works fine in other wiktys now, thanks for helping, --voëltjie (:> )=| 18:42, 8 Desember 2011 (UTC)[antwoord]


  • Botmaster: Yoursmile
  • Bot's name: User:YS-Bot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionaries: de, nn, nl
  • Purpose: interwiki
  • Technical details: pywikipediabot, latest versions

If you need some test edits, just tell me. Best regards --Yoursmile (bespreek) 19:58, 12 Augustus 2012 (UTC)[antwoord]


  • Botmaster: Hydriz
  • Bot's name: User:HydrizBot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionaries: full list
  • Purpose: interwiki
  • Technical details: pywikipediabot, latest versions

Regards. --Hydriz (kontak) 18:40, 16 Junie 2015 (UTC)[antwoord]


  • Botmaster: Udo T.
  • Bot's name: User:UT-interwiki-Bot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionaries: da, de, es, et, fi, hu, ku, lt, nn, no, pt, sv
  • Purpose: only for interwiki links
  • Technical details: pywikibot /

Some test edits (~ 20) will follow soon. Greetings from Austria. --Udo T. (kontak) 12:26, 25 Mei 2016 (UTC)[antwoord]
@Jcwf? --Udo T. (kontak) 10:38, 2 Junie 2016 (UTC)[antwoord]


  • Eienaar: K175
  • Naam van robot: KabouterBot
  • Lys van robotvlae op ander Wiktionaries: geen
  • Doel: verwelkoming
  • Tegniese gegewens: pywikibot

K175 (kontak) 08:47, 16 Februarie 2018 (UTC) Uitgevoer Uitgevoer Jcwf (kontak) 12:15, 16 Februarie 2018 (UTC)[antwoord]

Global bots[wysig]

Hello. The standard bot policy was updated to allow global bots, which are now technically impossible. These are trusted bots that will not be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots (the local policy or request page must explicitly allow them, or they will get access on this wiki). The current requirements for global bots are:

  • a global bot must only maintain interlanguage links or fix double-redirects;
  • a global bot must have already been active on several wikis, with long-term contributions demonstrating its trustworthiness.

Does anyone not object to allowing global bots on this wiki? I wont update the local policy in a week if there are objections. Thanks. Carsrac 09:24, 13 Junie 2009 (UTC)[antwoord]

I only support global bots on this wiki if they ask before editing here. --Manie 20:53, 16 Junie 2009 (UTC)[antwoord]
The form you suggesting is the bot policy, where every one that asks on this page gets the flag from the stewards unless there is objection. The global option is that every one that has the global flag can run as if it has a local botflag. Carsrac 02:12, 20 Junie 2009 (UTC)[antwoord]
Standard policy not implemented. —Pathoschild 03:50:04, 09 September 2009 (UTC)[antwoord]