Wiktionary:Welcome to our foreign guests

Vanuit Wiktionary, die vrye woordeboek.
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This is the Afrikaans version of Wiktionary.

If Afrikaans is not your mother tongue: a special welcome to you! We hope that you will enrich our growing wiktionary with some contributions in your own language.


We use quite a lot of templates here, some of which might look familiar to you if you have experience with wiktionaries in other languages. This page is mostly intended to get you on your way with that. Usually knowing a handful of templates is enough to contribute in a very useful way.

Main language templates[wysig]

Each language should have a main language template like {{-en-}} for English or {{-af-}} for Afrikaans. It begins a heading of level one for a contribution in a language.

Afrikaans is always on top of the page. Other languages follow in alphabetical order (in Afrikaans spelling).


What follows are templates like:

{{-etimologie-}} for etymological information. This may out of reach if you do not speak Afrikaans, but if you can give us a hint and a reference to a source that would be great. References conclude the lemma with the template {{verwysings}}.
{{-uitspraak-}} for pronunciation either in IPA (use {{IPA}}) or in audio using {{oudio}}
{{-woordafbreking-}} for the break down of a word in syllables

Word class[wysig]

Next we get the actual word

{{-werkw-}} for verb
{{-s.nw-}} for noun
{{-b.nw-}} for adjective
{{-bywd-}} for adverb
{{-voegw-}} for conjunction
{{-telwd-}} for numeral
{{-vnw-}} for pronoun

It can be preceded by a table of forms like {{-af-werkw-}}


{{betekenisse}} gives a heading for the definitions of the word
{{voorbeeldsinne}} give a heading for example phrases.